Welcome; Tea Time Tuesday’s Announcement

    Though we are small; our hearts and minds both are always in the midst of contemplating and understanding this world; whether knowingly or unknowingly. However, we might not know it at first, we really are always in the middle of a process where our hearts and minds are in constant seek for peace. As humans we are looking for peace and ease that cleanses us internally. Yet, we often forget that these things are found in kindness, love and faith. Instead of forgetting these aspects in life, we should embrace them and get a hold of all our mistakes made in these areas. This way we’ll grow, we’ll know and seek to become better people.

      We should try hard to perfect these practices, understand them and restructure our lives to correct the mistakes we make and learn. We should learn to look at, and evaluate ourselves  and deliberately accept that we may be wrong, but we are strong enough to make these wrongs right. And then with this, we’ll rebuild with little blocks in areas that need rebuilding and create a sense of contentment from within. We should strive to grow gardens of knowledge in all aspects and then pass these traits on for generations to come. And also, we should smile more with love embedded within us.

    This is a message I’d like to pass on, with whatever content I will create on the blog. When we speak words of wisdom and write words of beauty, we see more depth in the world. Words don’t have to be of only knowledge, but a combination of things.  

    A world full of diverse and interesting cultures still go on to live, yet I would like to show you this diversity through my eyes. I am passionate about my culture and would like to share my ideas, lifestyle, fashion sense, stories etc with lke-minded people. I do not believe that I have to gather a million of you guys to accomplish my goaslf ro this blog. However, a group of beautiful minds and kind hearts all sharing their interests is what I’d like to achieve. I am trying to create a world of my interests online shared with a community of people.

Now that you guys know more about me, I’ll go more in-depth about the content that I hope to create for my  readers. I’m ethnically Indian and chai (tea) plays a very big role in our society. Drank in times of happiness, sadness and stress, it acts as a healing aspect in many of our lives. I am very fond of good strong hot tea made with love and thus feel like it deserves to be apart of my blog’s title. I started many blogs before, but never seemed to stick with it. I was either to busy or too unmotivated, but I see a vision for this blog and I hope my future readers do too.



–  My mom and I are both passionate about living a high quality life despite any holdbacks. This is where the whole lifestyle aspect comes in. Think; desi!  


 –  I enjoy vintage things; Indian or Western and like evaluating things.  These two go well with eachother thus, evaluating, understanding and incorporating these aspects in modern day life is another hobby I’d like to incorporate.    

Please do stayed tuned for weekly Tea Time Tuesday’s. Let me know more about you guys down below!  

p.s. the blog is still under construction! 


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